What is a Sugar Daddy Relationship? Sugar Daddy Define/Meaning

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Sugar Daddy Relationship

What is a Sugar Daddy Relationship?

In general terms, a sugar daddy relationship is one in which there exists an older adult male that lavishes gifts on a younger female or male in the course of a romantic relationship. The gift might be in the form of money, expensive trips shopping sprees and other favors. The sugar baby and sugar daddy, in addition to the offering and receiving of gifts, also expect the mutual love and affection that is typically present in all relationships.

Getting In to a Sugar Daddy Relationship

The process surrounding getting into a sugar daddy relationship basically involves the advance expression of interest to begin dating under this kind of conditions. It is very important that while approaching someone to expressly make known the kind of relationship you are interested in, and what each party should be expected to bring on the table. With the technological advancement that characterizes this age, getting sugar daddies or sugar babies has never been easier. There are multiple sugar daddy sites such as SugarDaddyMeet, Secret Benefits and SugarDaddy.com, which charge a subscription fee to connect individuals with the kind of partners they would prefer. On these sites, one can meet their prospective dating partner, get to know them better and begin their relationship together.

I work 3 jobs, but try to find time for the fun things in life. I love the outdoors, but also love a good meal on a patio by the sunset. i love to flirt and tease, and hope to find someone who enjoys the same and will reciprocate. its all about the thrill and passion of it all! Anyone who is happy to lend a helping hand, i am happy to reciprocate with pictures, etc. This past year has definitely been a real struggle for me. Ultimately though, I’d like to meet someone that I could potentially have a real connection with.

Getting Out of a Sugar Daddy Relationship

While dating is considered very fun, there often comes a time when the people in the relationship are no longer in agreement and one wants out. This is perfectly normal. The first course of action is informing the other party that you are no longer willing to be in the relationship, and if possible, give them the reasons why. This can seem very difficult on the part of the sugar baby because of the dependence they have on the sugar daddy. It is advisable to end it cleanly and firmly if after considering all viable options, severing the relationship is all that’s left. Breaking up is obviously very nasty business and can have drastic effects on all parties. It is therefore very advisable to move on with life. Nothing lasts forever.

I’m hoping to meet someone who can be a good mentor in business. Who knows maybe he’ll be intrigued by my ideas and decide to invest in me. One thing I learned is that, if you want to be rich, successful, have better opportunities, and access to greater resources, you have to surround yourself around rich and successful people.

Terms of Sugar Daddy Relationship

Any relationship should have terms which all parties have agreed to so as to ensure that everyone gets what they wanted when they first came into the relationship. Sugar dating is no exception. Before entering the relationship, everyone should make known their expectations to the other to avoid disappointments in the future. Both parties should also agree on key things such as meeting times, modes of communication and privacy. This makes certain that there is mutual respect between all parties.

Looking for an open relationship that doesn’t demand all of my time and energy. I want to be with people who help me collect experiences. Financial support guarantees my presence in the moment and a mentorship will help me cultivate my future. I would love to learn about your journey, & knowledge.

Regular Sugar Daddy Relationship

A regular sugar daddy relationship is one in which the people dating can meet, just as is the practice in all conventional relationships, go out on dates and trips and can be seen together in publish places. This is what many people in sugar dating relationships practice. They share in the ecstasies of all relationships only with the minor modifications that can’t be avoided because of the fact that are in a sugar relationship.

The beach is my happy place, i also love travelling and going for lunches + dinners (fav). I’m looking for someone who’s going to take care of me. my dream match is someons who loves to travel! and someone who is honest. Suprise me

Online Only Sugar Daddy Relationship

There also exists ‘online only’ sugar daddy relationships in which the persons dating never meet. They only chat though email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or other social networks, while sharing photos and videos. In these cases, the sugar baby may require thee gifts before they share their videos or photos. There is no harm in this. The only challenge is that it demands a lot of trust and is very risky. I once heard of a lady that shared her videos to a sugar daddy only to find them on a porn site a few weeks later. While this may be an isolated occurrence, it is very advisable to only be in an online relationship with someone you have deemed to be very trustworthy.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

Definition of Sugar Daddy

Who, then, fits the description of a sugar daddy? Well, ideally, a sugar daddy is anyone who, while playing the role of a typical boyfriend enjoys to shower gifts and financial benefits on their sugar baby. It goes without saying that sugar babies are more often than not, quite younger than their benefactors. Sugar daddies are often individuals with relatively high amounts of income. Sugar daddies expect their sugar babies to love them and show affection towards them, go with them on trips and on dates, and sex at times. However, it is important for any sugar daddy to ensure that they do not have force their sugar babies to have sex with them when they are not willing as this would amount to rape. Many sugar daddies also look for someone who can relieve them from their very stressful lives and like having someone to talk to when they are stressed about anything.

Average Age, Income of a Sugar Daddy

On average, sugar daddy at least 42 years. He is an indispensable leader, employee, adviser or entrepreneur, whose average annual income is $ 240,000. By virtue of his constant employment at work, he often does not have the time (or desire) to get acquainted with women and seek their favor in the usual, natural way. Instead, the sugar daddy wants in a rather uncomplicated way to find the same “uncomplicated” lady who will go along with him, playing the role of a beautiful decoration, and will not cause him too much trouble or stress situations. In return, he is willing to pay.

How Much Do Sugar Daddies Give?

On average, for one such sugar baby per year is paid about 42,000 euros.

Many people have often likened sugar relationships to prostitution. This therefore has brought to light the question on the legality of sugar daddy relationships. Many legal expert hold the opinion that this is a subjective question whose answer might vary from circumstance to circumstance. The typical sugar daddy relationship meets the threshold of many traditional relationships. The parties in the relationship all understand their obligations and the expectations the other parties have. This kind of relationships are those in which all parties enjoy mutual benefits. They ideally mimic relationships in which one party is the sole provider of the financial needs and wants of the other in return expecting care from the other party. Sugar relationships are no different from normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationships where there is only sex when both parties are in mutual agreement. In prostitution, sex is explicitly given in return for money. The transaction is often immediate such that payment is given in exchange for sex. This is not the case in sugar daddy relationships as couples trend to arrange their relationships so that sex is not the dominant requirement. This is not to say that sex is not part of the relationship. It is just not the primary motivation or driving force. In situation where the sugar baby is a minor, the relationship can the relationship can be termed illegal.

i’m a sweetheart 🙂 not looking to give myself away for pleasure. looking for a respectful older man with life experience who’s looking for someone to chat with. looking for someone i can look up to and learn from.

Successful Sugar Daddy Relationship Stories

I have met several people over time who have shared their successful sugar dating experiences with me. Sally (name withheld for privacy reasons) is a young lady we went to college with. While in college, she faced certain challenges regarding financing her stay in school. While she could afford to finance her accommodation, tuition and other basic needs, she desired to live a fancy life, dressing in designer clothing and having luxurious vacations in the most exotic places. The only way she could achieve this is by getting a sugar daddy. After making a few searches online, she bumped into SugarDaddyMeet where she created a profile and began her journey into the sugar dating world. Sally then got linked up with a 43 year old man who was a broker with the New York Stock Exchange. They decided to meet up over drinks after chatting for about two weeks. They met at Bemelman’s and had a wonderful time together. Sally was then dropped off at school afterwards. Before long, she started going out on shopping sprees funded by her boyfriend, going out on dates in very posh restaurants and going on vacations in very exotic places as she had originally intended. She was also given weekly allowances which she invested into the stock market after being advised by her boyfriend. She evidently had a good time with him. Sally completed her college studies and was well positioned to make something out of her once very dull life.

These stories are not only limited to sugar babies. I found a testimony shared by a certain man, who I will refer to as Dan because he did not share his name. Dan, 39 years old, had had terrible experience in his dating life, only falling for ladies that were too busy to spend quality time with him. This is because most of them were stuck in the corporate world, running around to get hold of the next dollar. He then decided that the best direction he could take would he could have a long and fulfilling relationship with. Dan decided to open an account with MillionaireMatch and look for what he calls ‘true love’. He got connected to a young undergrad student pursuing sociology who was also interested in having a relationship with an older man. One thing led to another and before long they started going out together. Even though Dan didn’t make a lot of money, he made enough to sustain a good allowance for his girlfriend and get her gifts whenever they met. She was very caring to him and was always willing to spend time with him. Before long they had fallen in love with each other and have been together for 2 years now.

Sugar Daddy Relationship Advice

Avoid Scammers

While many sugar daddy relationships tun out for the best, there are quite a few rotten apples in the basket. There are people who open dating profiles with the ill intention of scamming people. Some might be people purporting to be sugar babies who want money but are not interested in relationships. Others pretend to be sugar daddies or mommas, ask for videos or photos and disappear into thin air only for the victims to find them on porn sites or to be blackmailed later. A good way to avoid scammers online is to ensure that their profiles resemble that of real people. You could verify their authenticity by doing a reverse image search on their profile photos to ensure they have not been downloaded somewhere online. Also, someone asking for nude photos before hand should raise a red flag as it is a sign that they are not interested in dating you. Everyone should always be alert to notice the early tell-tale signs of a scammer.

Outstanding Sugar Daddy Profile

To have a successful sugar dating profile, one should first of all ensure that anything they post is authentic. You should make sure that eh information you give shows an accurate depiction of who you are. No one would want to get into a relationship with someone only to realize that person is very different later on. In your profile, you should also include a clear description of the kind of person you would want to date to avoid wasting time with the wrong people. Finally, one should have a very appealing profile photo, that is not necessarily provocative, but is very attractive.

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