What’s a Sugar Momma Mean? Free Sugar Momma Sites in 2019

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What’s a Sugar Momma Mean?

Sugar Momma Relationship, Sugar Momma Dating

The story has not always gone the same way for the fairer sex. Women have been raised to be the perfect accessory to their male counterparts. They are warned against strong opinions or even talking too much for fear of scaring off potential husbands.

Failing to find a proper suitor has often meant social rejection, homelessness, and even the incredibly flattering titles of “old maid” or “witch”. Basically, society in the past has deemed ladies worthless without a committed man. With little to no means at education and economic advancement, this was the only option for women for a long time.

At this point, ambitious ladies have now taken the lead in the pursuit of a college education for the first time in history and account for 67% of all college students in the United States. The trend is closely followed by changes felt in the workforce as well as the family structures.

With the need of financial support removed, women aren’t doing over others and spend their time going after their dreams. As their bank accounts grow, so does their confidence and their power in social endeavors, including relationships.

Since she has no one to answer to but herself, there is no compromising, only going after her dreams. For sugar momma, this means building a noteworthy career and having fun at the same time.

Definition of Sugar Momma

Sugar mommas are just the female equivalent of a sugar daddy, expecting just the same things sugar daddies expect. They fall in the same age group with sugar daddies, with the same income ranges. There are various ‘hookup’ sites for sugar mommas where a sugar baby can get connected to the sugar momma they were looking for. Sugar mommas seeking for sugar babies can also use these sites to get them. Seeking.com and SugarDaddyForMe.com are perfect examples.

A sugar mamma does not follow the “guidelines” that were set out, rather, she is a trailblazer leaving her own path behind her as she chases the stars.

For a sugar mamma, all the material possessions a material girl could want or need are just as far away as their designer wallet, so nearly all of the traditional reasons one would enter into a serious relationship are gone. For a sugar momma, so are the traditional relationships. Single, Married, divorced, maybe ever polyamorous, but powerful.

Men used to seek hot older women to satisfy their MILF fantasies, but also because they figured, “Hey, she’s gotta be getting lonely in her old age, this should be easy.” These naive boys have not another thing coming if they’re looking to become a sugar baby.

Confident, successful, and sexy older women with no prospects for marriage are holding all the power. If he can’t put in the effort, there is a whole sea of sexy, youthful, and fun guys out there who would kill to take their place, and probably will.

You’re not here to wine and dine him for nothing. Hook up with a hot older woman, but a hot older woman who is also successful and up for a good time? That’s just not as easy to find.

You could say being a sugar mamma is reversing the gender roles that have ruled romantic relationships all along. – a woman who is in the power position in her financial life, as well as her love life. She’s not waiting for the man to make the move, she’s telling him to get a move on.

7 Best Free Sugar Momma Sites

Maybe you are a younger boy or girl looking for a sugar momma to learn from her the real essence of love or you just find older women more sexy and attractive that your same-age counterparts. For ladies, some have hit their prime and want someone who can keep up with them or some who have lost their partners need someone to support them emotionally. Regardless of the reasons, sugar momma dating sites are gaining immense popularity these days. Many nowadays look forward to May-December romance and they usually want something different. Here are some of the sites from which you can select the one that caters to your needs, is affordable, transparent and useful.

No. 1 Seeking.com

SeekingArrangement (Seeking.com) is the world’s largest sugar momma website and it’s totally free for current college sugar babies ( Must register with edu email, at least upload one picture and complete profile).

Price for Regular Sugar Babies:
1 Month 19.95 USD / Month 19.95 USD
3 Months 14.95 USD / Month 44.85 USD
6 Months   9.95 USD / Month 59.70 USD
Price for Regular Sugar Mommas / Daddies:
1 Month 89.95 USD / Month 89.95 USD
3 Months 79.95 USD / Month 239.85 USD
No. 2 SugarDaddyForMe.com


SugarDaddyForMe is a site that caters especially to sugar daddy, sugar baby, also male sugar baby and sugar momma, there is a huge database of members of which you will find many active members anytime you log in, the search option seems endless and the price is reasonable. All of you have a ‘3 Day Free Trial’. Although joining the site is free, you need to upgrade your membership to have access to all the features and tools out there. Get dating tips and advice through the forum from active members out there. Easy to navigate and offering fun filled features attract many members spend time on the site. Along with chatting and making friends there are so many things you can do out there.

Silver Membership Cost:
1 Month 39.95 USD / Month 39.95 USD
Silver Membership + Total Access Cost:
1 Month 54.90 USD / Month 54.90 USD
Gold Membership Cost:
1 Month 44.95 USD / Month 44.95 USD
Silver Membership Cost:
1 Month 59.90USD / Month 59.90USD
No. 3 CougarLife


CougarLife is a fully dedicated site and offers relationship options between older women and younger men. With more than million members there is live chat, a beautiful interface and lots of search options you can look for what you want easily and quickly. Sometimes the site seems cluttered due to lot of information and has singles as well as couples listed. As a free member you can have access to some features of the site and if you want to have access to more, you can upgrade to paid membership anytime you like.

CougarLife Cost:
1 Month 40.00 USD / Month 40.00 USD
3 Months 29.00 USD / Month 87.00 USD
12 Months   12.00 USD / Month 144.00 USD
No. 4 OlderWomenDating


OlderWomenDating is one of the most popular sites when it comes to cougar dating sites. The site is completely dedicated to the singles who are looking forward to commence another inning in the field of dating. The features and other options are molded accordingly to fit in the needs of women of 40s or 50s from different backgrounds. Nevertheless, the site is easy to navigate and using the available options as well as features you can interact with others. It has all the interactive option a dating site is expected to possess. With so many members taking advantage of the site, it shows that it is surely a cut above the remaining dating sites.

OlderWomenDating Cost:
1 Month 29.95 USD / Month 29.95 USD
3 Months 19.98 USD / Month 59.95 USD
6 Months 15.99 USD / Month 95.95 USD
No. 5 Sudy


Sudy are designed for a sugar mummy/daddy to find a younger boy/girl to spend time with and for which she would readily support his education or other expenses. In fact, it is not always money that is involved, but many have found true love here and have also ended up in long term relationship. Today, age is not a barrier when you are looking for love and romance. When all you want is casual dating, sugar mummy/daddy sites would be just fine. With this in mind you might find more people here than other dating sites.

Sudy Costs

Price for Regular Sugar Babies:
1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
3 Months 11.66 USD / Month 34.99 USD
6 Months 8.33 USD / Month 49.99 USD
Price for Regular Sugar Mommas / Daddies:
1 Month 69.99 USD / Month 69.99 USD
3 Months 56.66 USD / Month 169.99 USD
6 Months 41.67 USD / Month 249.99 USD
50 Coins 0.06 USD / Coin 2.99 USD
700 Coins 0.04 USD / Coin 27.99 USD
2,000 Coins 0.03 USD / Coin 69.99 USD
8,000 Coins 0.03 USD / Coin 239.99 USD
16,000 Coins 0.02 USD / Coin 399.99 USD
No. 6 HappyMatches


HappyMatches is a site that understands the love is free of age limit. Since sugar mommas are designed to nurture and instead of doing this with children they often like to do this as a friend. Also, sugar mommas like companionship of younger boys as they feel younger from within and get an opportunity to offer their care and love. Making sugar mommas feel good and younger, makes the younger boys feel fulfilled. HappyMatches understands this and also offers a platform to these singles to mingle with like-minded ones. Some look for casual relationship while some want long term. Sign up and you will find the person you were looking for long.

HappyMatches Costs:
1 Month 50 USD / Month 50 USD
3 Months 30 USD / Month 90 USD
6 Months 24 USD / Month 144 USD
No. 7 ToyBoy


ToyBoy is free to join but in order to gain access to all features you can upgrade your membership. However, with a nominal membership charge the site offers value for money. depending on your choice you can access different features and this will ease up the whole dating process. The search feature benefits the members find matches similar to their interests easily and quickly.

ToyBoy Costs:
1 Month 25.99 £ / Month 25.99 £
3 Months 15.00 £ / Month 44.99 £
6 Months 12.50 £ / Month 74.99 £

Sugar Momma Meaning on Sugar Momma Websites

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