How to Become a Sugar Momma? 7 Sugar Momma Steps for Success

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How to become a sugar momma

How to Become a Sugar Momma?

Having a boytoy along for the ride would’t be so bad, would it? Arm candy isn’t just for the men anymore. Here’s how to get started on SeekingArrangement and find your sugar baby today.

Step 1. Create an account

The first step is usually the hardest, but not in this case. Pick a username that is unique and will stand out against the crowd. Right off the bat you’ll identify yourself as a sugar momma and register with an active email.

Step 2. Set Up Your Profile

Next, you will complete the information and photo sections of your profile. The picture will be the first thing users see right next to your username, so be sure to pick the ones that highlight your assets. If you like to be a little mysterious, take advantage of our “masks” and blur features while uploading your profile pictures to maintain your discretion.

The “about me” section is what will link you with potential matches so be sure to fill it all the way out and be honest! It will save you a lot of time.

Step 3. Find Your Match

Now that your profile is complete, you will already start to appear in the search results of your potential lovers. Rather than wait for them to message you first though, it’s much more fun to do some hunting of your own.

The search bar is completely customizable so you can search for whatever characteristics are important to you. Once you’ve found a hottie, start messaging! The more messages you send out, the more opportunities you have to find the sugar babies for you.

Step 4. Start Dating

Once you’ve found a guy you’d like to get to know offline, plan your date! It’s best to meet in a public and casual spot to avoid any uncomfortable situations (like him not looking like his picture). A bar, lunch spot, or coffee shop are all viable options. If you two hit it off, plan something a little more intimate, or even relocate now if you just can’t wait.

Dating someone younger than you allow you to enjoy their youthful zeal and excitement for life, as well as giving you an opportunity to flaunt your skills. As the leading site for sugar dating, SeekingArrangement gives you an easy and quick way to find exactly what you’re looking for without wasting your precious free time.

7 Sugar Momma Steps for Success

The life of a sugar momma is not for the faint of heart. It takes ambition, drive, and confidence for days. You must have a strong constitution to climb your way to the pedestal that men ogle and other women envy.

The only thing that truly sets a sugar mamma apart from other successful ladies is their expectations. Your relationship will be unique to you and your lover, but there are certainly a few rules we could all live by.

1. Know your value

The only way to get you to want is to accept nothing less. Presumably, the same tactic that earned you your occupational success is what will inspire these youngins to step in line for you where they would leave less experienced ladies for something “easier”. If he isn’t leaving you smiling, drop him at the curb and move on, sister!

2. Demand their full attention

You’re the one with a career and busy schedule. He should be bringing enthusiasm and flexible schedule that can work for you. There’s no point in keeping him around if he can’t find the time for you.

3. Leave the games for the girls

The most exciting part about casual dating is your ability to be forward with your intentions. No, this isn’t a business transaction, but you’re also not trying to find a soul mate or a life partner here. Let your dates know what you want from them and the relationship from the very beginning only results in more successful dates for you. Be direct and don’t forget to skip the dirty details.

4. Don’t pick all the dates

Part of the excitement of dating someone younger is to try new things. Keep an open mind and let him take you to the new, hip spots around town.

5. Don’t mind the side eye.

The world may be used to an age and status difference favoring men, but it’s still pretty shocking for some to see things another way around. This unconventional (for now) type of dating is much like any other kind of dating – if it makes sense to the two of you, that’s what matters!

6. Don’t allow yourself to be used.

Sure, this is a mutually beneficial relationship but you-you are not his mom! You are not here to take care of him. If anything, he is here to enjoy your company, your wisdom, and your gifts. Discussing gifts and other expectations for the encounter can help weed out the gold diggers.

7. Have a plan for the meeting.

Will you do some bar hopping and see where it goes or meet up for a quick coffee to get to know this guy a little better. And what about the after party? Are you two going to get a hotel or take him to your place? Picture a bachelor’s pad with actual style.

She might not be filthy rich but she has control over her assets and understands the power they give her. Many claim it’s the money that bestows the power, but really it’s the independence that financial stability offers.

Not having to rely on others means if someone isn’t living up to their end of the bargain, there’s nothing holding you back from walking away and finding a sugar baby who will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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