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  • Giana, 21, Female

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    I'm very flexible with schedules, I love going out to eat and I can adventurous. I also may be shy at first but somewhat bubbly.

    Looking for someone to spoil me while also spending time with me. Someone I can talk with. Some who will get me a Jeep wrangle :)

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Sugar Daddy Meet Reviews "SugarDaddyMeet is the No1 Upscale Sugar Daddy Dating Site. We Only Accept Applications From Top 20 Richest Countries. We have had tremendous success in helping Real Sugar Daddies and young beautiful Sugar Babies to find a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are looking for a sugar mama or a gay sugar daddy relationship, then SugarDaddyMeet is not for you."

9.7/10 Overall Rating
Value For Price
Quality Of Members
Ease Of Use
Customer Satisfaction

What's Sugar Daddy Meet?

Sugar Daddy Meet is a straight online matchmaking website for male sugar daddies (who are Hollywood actors, NBA players, doctors, lawyers, busy professionals, financiers, benefactors and the like) and female sugar babies (who are beautiful, intelligent and classy college students, aspiring actresses or models). Most of users who are from developing countries are not allowed to use the website and apps, for avioding scammers and improving user's quality.

Why is it so hot lately?

The number of users in 2019 was 2,019,453, and in 2022, the number of users has grown to 5,532,006, and the growth rate has reached an astonishing 174%. And surprisingly, these new users are almost all from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which are quite rich developed countries. So why is SugarDaddyMeet hot lately? SDM related personnel revealed that the explosive growth in the number of users of their website is mainly due to two reasons. First, the website itself is recognized by most users: the functions can basically meet the needs of users, and the customer service can quickly solve the problems encountered by users. Second, there are many Internet celebrity bloggers who have become AF Patners of SDM, and earn commissions by promoting sdm's websites on social networking sites such as tiktok and youtube.

Does Sugar Daddy Meet Work?

SugarDaddyMeet helps merge the best of both, real world and fantasy, for those who want to join a sugar daddy dating site to have best of the best. The site is specifically created for men and women who look for a financial based mutually beneficial relationship. The site functions in many ways and sugar babies are likely to find successful and rich sugar daddies with the help of the income verification option. Elder men dating younger women here come up with a mutual arrangement that suits both of them.

This is my number one popular site for sugar daddy dating in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Europe or other developed countries that I would recommend young sugar babies looking for wealthy men. SugarDaddyMeet is the cheapest one for sugar daddies compare with SA and Sudy. The number of verified members is the largest and the rate is the highest. So, we put SDM in the first place.

Sugar Daddy Meet has helped many rich and successful men find love, fun and enjoyment in life with beautiful, smart and young girls for more than a decade. The tagline of the site is, Sugar Makes Life Sweeter and it is absolutely in accordance with the services that the site provides. When it comes to using the mobile site and app, it is simple and easy to navigate. The fastest way to get in touch with your sugar partner. So, if you are a rich and wealthy older guy looking for attractive young girl to spend some time as well as have some fun, Sugar Daddy Meet is one of the top 3 Sugar Dating Websites not to be missed.

Sugar Daddy Meet App vs Desktop Website vs Mobile Site

"Rather than searching for match on PC website, more than 80% users prefer to use mobile site or apps."

Now compare the PC website and mobile site/apps, it seems that their whole energies are dedicated to improve the products on mobile devices. So, the experience on the mobile site to be as good as the experience of their apps. The features are specifically created to make seeking arrangements easier and further convenient for you, well organized and simply great offering swift access and smooth functioning. Above all, you don’t have to switch on your PC and log in to your Sugar Daddy Meet account to find out if there is any message or someone is showing interest in you. App makes it extremely easy and sends you instant message and notifications if there is a message or if someone you are interested in is near to you. You can wink or message back to find out if things work out with that person or not.

Pros & Cons
Since 2007, Over 1M Members Who are from Developed Countries
No advertising on the site
Photos & Income Verified Strictly
Facebook sign-in
Easy-to-use Mobile Site
Apps for iOS/Android
No video chat available
High Monthly Fees for Sugar Babies
Upgrade to a Gold membership to Send Messages
The Basic/Free Membership Also Has Restricted Search Functionality

Sugar Daddy Meet Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up is easy, simple and quick on Sugar Daddy Meet. Just provide some initial information about yourself and apart from some things that stand out, the process is similar to other dating sites. Here you need to choose your ethnicity and your height, which makes the site very interesting. However, filling up the details like what you are looking for or from where would you like your match to be, will help you find a better match. You should also carefully mention details about yourself so that other members know the real you and choose because of your real traits.

Sugar Daddy Meet Contact / Members

The pool of members is really interesting at Sugar Daddy Meet because here you have more women than men. With lot of sugar babies, you have plenty of options to choose from. Also, the site and the app are easy to use and quick to access. Above all, you can make use of the features substantially because they get frequently and regularly refreshed.

As a standard member you can send free winks to members whom you find interest in making your sugar daddy or sugar baby and you can reply on the messages sent to you by other members. Not only these, but you can also send greeting cards, birthday cards, use the forums of online communities to comment and participate in any discussion which would help you highlight yourself as well. If you want to upgrade your membership, you can do it, by the way, any time you want.

Paid membership is named gold membership which you can attain by opting three ways of upgrading. You can opt forone-month trial to make sure you want to continue with the site or not, go with the 3-month membership or 6-month package after the trial or directly, as you wish or decide. The payment can be done through check cards, credit cards or PayPal.

Search on SugarDaddyMeet

As soon as you sign up with Sugar Daddy Meet, regardless of whether you are a free member or gold member, you get access to the search tool, whichis easy to use and gives you results quickly as compared to other sites. Depending on your choice and wish you can be specific or general in mentioning your choices in order to help the site locate your matches. As a free member you cannot search people on the basis of their verified income and status, but you can proceed with your search making age, country and state or province as the base of your search.

Key Features
+ Photos: You can upload up to 26 photographs once you make an account.
+ Verified: you need to submit a clear copy of your photo ID. This can be a driver’s license, passport, a state-issued ID, or other verifiable material
+ Let’s Meet: It’s a simple way for you to quickly find local interested matches by showing a picture of potential ones. You have two options: heart them or skip them.
+ Wink: Winks are free to send for all members. It’s another easy feature that just shows potential matches that you are interested in them. The member can then send a wink back.
+ First Date Gift: You can propose a first date gift to give others an idea of what you may bring on the first date.
At a Glance
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore
5,532,006+ (2022/03)
Relationship Types Allowed:
Straight, Sugar Dating
Age Requirement:

Why SDM is more Popular in US, Canada and Australia than UK, Ireland and other Europe or Developing Countries

1. Users are from Developed Countries Only: US, Australia, Canada, etc.
2. America-based Dating Website
3. Less Promoting Ads in British and Continental Europe
4. Most Valuable Website for Male Sugar Daddies

SugarDaddyMeet Costs & Screenshots

1. Is SugarDaddyMeet Free? Join Free, Limited Features for Standerd Member.
2. Pay on PC/Mobile Site is cheaper than iOS/Android.
3. Same Price for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.
4. Payments: Credit Card, Visa or Mastercard Check Card, PayPal, Personal Check or Money Order
5. The 1 month subscription will be auto-renewed unless you cancel it. (Read More: How to turn off auto renewal on SugarDaddyMeet?)

Sugar Daddy Meet Mobile
Original Price
Free Basic Account
$0 (Standerd Member)
1 Month
3 Month
$90.00/month (40% Savings)
6 Month
$144/month (52% Savings)
Discount Price
Free Basic Account
$0 (Standerd Member)
1 Month
3 Month
6 Month

Sugar Daddy Meet Customer Service

As soon as you register yourself with Sugar Daddy Meet as a paid member, you get access to priority customer care. No matter what kind of help you need, you can contact them by dropping an email or call on the phone number provided.

Sugar Daddy Meet Customer Service Number: 1-416-628-1072 (7/24)

Sugar Daddy Meet Customer Service Email:

Adress: 10 - 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160, Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6, Canada

Is Sugar Daddy Meet Safe?

The forum and dating advice tips available on the site helps you to learn best safety practices. However, you can also report fraudulent, abusive or members causing you any kind of harm. As far as financial and personal information submitted to the site are concerned, they remain encrypted and so, when you make a payment, your information is completely secured.


Sugar Daddy Meet is more than 10 years old and has many active members. It also has a user friendly mobile website and app to help members stay connected when and where they wish to. Unlike other sugar daddy dating sites, you get access to many features as a standard member here. For example, you can surf other’s profile, use the quick search tool to find whether the site currently has members matching your likings or not, upload up to 26 photos with each photo up to 5 MB to create other’s interest in you and your profile.

Active Baby on SDM

  • babyg1rl, 18, Female

    Brunswick, Georgia, United States

    I find anime interesting, smut and mystery books are my fav. I love trying new things and explore different adventures.

    I'm looking for a sugar daddy and sugarbaby relationship. Someone that I can connect with on more than one level. A serious gentleman who is not out of character, respectful and understanding yet open minded.

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