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WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice was launched in 2010 by Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking Arrangement. This itself is kind of an assurance for the website. Those who have no clue, you should be aware that the site develops dating into an incentive game. On this site you can straight away bid for another member and if the other one accepts your bid; you will have to pay the bidding amount on the date along with paying for the expenses. Usually women receive bids for the first date more than men. Here the maximum percentage is of college going girls and members are from USA, UK and Canada. Observation shows that San Francisco has been said to be the most generous city on this site.

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What’s WhatsYourPrice? How Does It Work?

On WhatsYourPrice, you do not need to send messages and know each other in order to date. The main intention of the site is to make online dating simple offering you dating shortcuts so that you get more dates with attractive people. Find singles from your area or the area you wish to search for a date.

The site sticks to the basics and you need to create a profile, add some information about yourself and what you are looking for and then activate your profile after uploading your picture. Once you select someone for date, you can come straight to the point by placing bid and the member will decide which of the offers he or she would like to accept. The member who bids has to pay the bidding amount along with all the expenses of the date on the date.

A Site Popular with Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies?

WhatsYourPrice is modern and convenient platform to try if you are interested in mutually beneficial relationship. The sugar dating industry is more or less the same as it was twenty-five years ago. Many people view it as “sex for money” kind of thing. However, WhatsYourPrice does a pretty decent job and presents the website just as it is expected to be.

The site allows you to have a perfect date. Sugar daddies and sugar babies both find this site interesting. There is no need to exchange messages and waste time in knowing each other. You can immediately go for a date if the member accepts your bid. After all, knowing someone in person is better than by chatting online.

Is WhatsYourPrice Safe, Legal, Free?

Yes, WhatsYourPrice is safe, legal and free. Passing the verification procedure will secure your profile from scammers and also make you more popular among ladies. It costs merely $50, but you will find that it is worth spending. All your personal information will be encrypted for better safety and none of your data will be delivered to third parties. You can also go through the privacy policy of the site to know more in detail.

WhatsYourPrice App

No available app yet.

WhatsYourPrice Costs

Sign-Up & Login Process

To sign up and join the dating auction site, WhatsYourPrice, you need to create a username, provide your email address, make up your own password and then provide your date of birth. After this, click on “Create Account” and this means you agree with their terms and conditions. The singing up process has been streamlined by the site which allows you to create a free account without disclosing much about yourself.

Once you have signed up and your photo gets verified, you can pick the sugar baby that catches your attention and put a bid on her. On the other hand, if you are a sugar baby, you simply need to wait until the highest bidder comes.

Members & Messaging

WhatsYourPrice allows you to send messages only after your profile gets verified. There is a chatroom which can be opened only when an offer gets unlocked or accepted. There are specific labels used on the site – generous for the bidders and attractive for the bid receivers. The relationships which started on the site are most often of sugaring nature, but some might find their love of life here, you can never deny that.

Customer Service

WhatsYourPrice has a customer support facility which is active 24/7. There is an FAQ page where you might find answers to almost all your questions related to the site and its uses. There is an email address which you can make use of for resolving your issues. You can also follow links to discuss problems and your personal issues.

Design and Usability

When it comes to WhatsYourPrice, the site works more like a date auction site. It is all about bidding on handsome bachelors or beauties. The one whose bid is highest gets the chance to date with the man or woman for whom the bid is placed. Navigation is minimalist and modern. Unlike other sites it doesn’t have a magazine layout kind of front which often loads slowly with slow internet. The site uses models sparingly which you may like or not, depending on your taste. The website content is well-made and clear which shows that the web designing is good. Navigating through pages is easy and swift.

The background offers a nice delicate touch as it has transparent models hidden in it. This makes the webpage look simple and allow the newcomers find what they are looking for easily and quickly. You don’t need to scramble through pages or miss out any of them. In fact, the text is also informative but do not seem overloaded. To summarize, the site is user-friendly and the site format works better with those who are more concerned with what they want by visiting the site.

How to delete WhatsYourPrice account?

In order to delete, cancel or deactivate your WhatsYourPrice account, you need to click on the drop down arrow beside your photo on the top right of the site. Go to the “Settings” and then scroll down. You will see “Deactivate your profile”. Click on that. However, you can reactivate your account anytime you want in future. On the other hand, you can always contact the customer service for any kind of help you need.

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