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SugarDaddyToday Review Site Down & Can’t Login

What Happened to SugarDaddyToday:

Temporarily uncertain. No formal announcement had been made.

Note: is unavailable Now. If you want to find a sugar relationship,

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SugarDaddyToday Review

What’s SugarDaddyToday?

No doubt SugarDaddyToday has an unusual name and so it creates a doubt in one’s mind whether the site is bad to avoid or worth visiting. Many people feel that the site sounds like a news site rather than actual sugar baby and sugar daddy website. Just like any usual site, this site also has mixed feedback with some positive and some negative ones. However, one of the most remarkable, distinguishing and relaxing things about this site is that it has no offsite marketing, ads or spams.

SugarDaddyToday App Review

Does SugarDaddyToday Really Work?

SugarDaddyToday had been designed for ease of use and it is catered to new sugar daddies and sugar babies providing them a platform where people from different fields meet and know each other. SugarDaddyToday boasts a large database of 60,000 members and with the offer of free one-week membership which offers the new members unlimited access to its features, almost 100 members join each day. The fee after the trial week is also nominal which makes it the cheapest sugar daddy dating site also.

You simply need to register on SugarDaddyToday and then after the free trial if you wish, you can continue with a nominal fee which you can pay through PayPal, credit card, bank card, bank check, debit card or money order by postal mail.

Is SugarDaddyToday Safe, Legal, Free?

SugarDaddyToday is safe, legal and free to register. You get a 7-day free trial during which you can have unlimited access to all its features. The site is simple and easy to use. In fact, you should not expect too much from the site because it asks for a very small amount as membership fee due to which it seems it is unable to provide a lot to its members. The site also seems to work more as a traditional dating site for adults rather than a sugar daddy dating site.

A Bad Site to Avoid?

SugarDaddyToday is not a bad site which you should avoid. The only thing is that because of the low membership fee, it is unable to make enough money and so the site looks outdated. Even though the site is almost ad-free, SugarDaddyToday has an unusual format and design. It has a different kind of paywall.

Sign-Up & Login Process

In order to get registered, you need to sign up which takes few minutes. The initial requirements are a member name or email and password. In fact, you can search for other members after registering but you will not be able to contact them. During the signup process you will have to provide your email and selected password before giving other information like your member category, from which country you are, your state or region, your gender and which city do you reside. You can upload up to 10 photos. Since the navigation is easy and simple, it will take few seconds to get accustomed to the site.

You will also have to make it clear what kind of sugar daddy or sugar baby you are looking for as this will automatically customizes your search settings and also helps other members know about you and your interests. If you register for a paid account at the earliest, your membership fee will not exceed $7 per month. Actually, if you go for the trial membership, you will be asked to opt paid one as soon as it expires.

Members & Messaging

Using the search tab, you can search for your dating prospects considering their photos, profiles and so on. There is a section of hotties which includes profiles which have been visited most by the members. There is a direct contact section with each profile where you will have the email address, Instant Messenger, Skype ID and phone number of the member. You are free to contact the member the way you like. The site allows members to share their personal contact number to get in touch with each other even offline.

One of the disadvantages of this site is that since the site asks for paid membership to both, sugar daddies and sugar babies, the number of sugar babies is not as much as compared to other sites. It is also seen that most of the sugar babies are cam girls or porn actresses as they are willing to pay for a sugar dating site.

Customer Service

Customer service of SugarDaddyToday is prompt and they claim to reply within 4 hours of receiving your email. So, if you need to know something or complain about some thing or someone, you simply need to drop an email to the customer service and they will get back to you within few hours.

Design and Usability

SugarDaddyToday has a simple design so that it can attract members from different spectrums. Visiting the home page will give you almost the complete idea of what the site offers. The page has tabs which link to the user page, mail, last search page, profiles, photos and hot list. Navigation is easy and smooth. The site advertises that it is absolutely free and also offers free trial of 7 days to enjoy unlimited access to all features. However, after the free trial you will be asked to upgrade to paid membership.

The homepage allows users to login using their email ID or username with the password. However, at the same time the site also allows members of even non-members to search for users’ profiles as per their interests. The profiles of even the new members along with their locations are displayed out there. The main page of the site displays everything that the site has to offer in simple words.

SugarDaddyToday is built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. You can easily follow and understand the website. The website designers and administrators have tried to educate their visitors and members about their policies and features in easily understandable language and manner. Depending on the relationship you are looking forward to pursue, you can conduct a search. The week free trial gives the new member enough time to weigh the pros and cons of the website.

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