SugarDaddie Review

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Sugar Daddie Review

What’s SugarDaddie? Does Really Work? is one of the first websites designed to cater a specific clientele and since it has been in operation for more than a decade, it still enjoys a large user base. It is an online dating site designed for successful men who want to provide beautiful and smart women financial security and confidence. Today many people wish to expand their social network in addition to having or finding a long-term partner for marriage. Along with being a recognized millionaire dating site, SugarDaddie also gives sugar dating advice and tips to people who are looking for hook up.

Is Safe, Legal, Free?

Yes, SugarDaddie is free to join and you simply need a valid email address to sign up. It is safe and secure. If you want to report any bad behavior, violence or any unlikely incidence, you just need to go to the profile you want to report and click on report user. In order to ensure the authenticity of the profiles, new and in-coming users receive email with verification and activation link of his or her account.

Both Millionaire Dating Site & Sugar Daddy Site?

Both Millionaire dating site and Sugar Daddy Site are one of the first ones to start online sugar dating. Both the sites have been around since more than a decade and both of them have quality people as their members. One of the most peaceful things about these sites are that they have verified millionaire sugar daddies. So, now, sugar babies need not worry about scam because both the sites, Millionaire and Sugar Daddy are high quality online dating sites designed for successful and rich men looking for attractive, young and single ladies.


SugarDaddie App

 No available app yet.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process is easy, fast and free. You require to fill only a few essential details and you will be ready to browse profiles in few minutes. Depending on your choice and preferences, you can select to be either confined to a sugar daddy relationship or be open to any type of relationship.

You can easily browse profiles and read few details so that you come to know who they are and what they are interested in. You can send a request to add them to your favorites list, view additional photos or send a chat. 

Members & Messaging

Sugardaddie limits the search by state which means you can read profiles and start messaging if you want to meet someone who lives in your city. You will also come to know whether the member is currently online or when he or she last logged in. Sending messages is possible only through paid subscription. There is a forum where people are engaged in group conversation on different topics. You can participate here. In fact, this is a good place to get some of your questions answered genuinely. You can also get an idea how potential matches interact with each other in online environment.

On the right side of the screen there is a list of members who are constantly being updated. If you wish to find someone quickly, check this list out and start out. Sending and receiving messages are pretty conventional and basic ways of communicating, yet they are indisputably effective. However, when it comes to messaging, sugardaddie has come up with some unique features which offer members have total experience fun and exciting out there.

Customer Service

The offices of Sugar Daddie are in Kent and Florida in the United Kingdom. For any query or advice or even complaint, any member can reach out to the helpline number and call the customer care for further assistance. It is believed that a company becomes stronger only if its customer service stands behind it. They believe that online dating should be ready to support its members and should equate to more than just help. With these in mind, Sugar daddies does a great job at helping customers.


Design and Usability

The website design of Sugar Daddie is fairly good. The color scheme chosen for the site are black and gold which signify wealth, authority, power and mystery. As far as icons and fonts are concerned, they are kept simple and classic. The site has been live for 15 years, but there has not been much change in the site’s design. The site is still easy to use, has effective usability. However, in some pages you may find loading issues.

One of the good things is that the site does not contain any ad or pop-up advertisements which would usually irritate the members. In fact, this is also one of the main reasons why many singles are trusting for efficient and exciting sugar dating experience.

How to delete/cancel/deactivate account?

There are two ways in which you can delete, cancel or deactivate your account. The first way is to send an email to with the subject line, “delete my account”. In the message section you can provide the reason why you wish to delete, cancel or deactivate your account. Usually will respond to the email within 72 hours.

The second method will require you to follow 5 steps. First you need to open the website and sign in to your account. Go to the setting section which is on the upper right corner and then select the cancel tab. Click on the “permanently cancel account” button. You need to tell them the reason behind cancelling your account which is the final step and then hit the cancel button. You will be notified afterwards that your account has been permanently deleted.

Wealthy men seek Sugar Babies usually because they live a busy life and want a love interest in their lives. Sugardaddie has easy navigation and its interface is also easy to understand. So, you need not worry about wastage of time in figuring out where to go and what to do on the site. In fact, the site is overall good and highly affordable as well. The best way to experience it yourself is to join the site. Their approach to business has extraordinary standards which increase chances of successful relationships.

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