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If you are a sugar baby or aspiring sugar baby who are comfortable sharing your sugar life and experiences, become a sugar baby writer & write for us!

We are really looking forward to the articles about your life experiences and stories of your sugar journeys. The three most impportant things about the articles are: Real Complete Story or Experience, Actionable & Helpful Tips or Advice, At Least 1000 Words & Original.

In return for sharing your experiences with the sugar baby community here, you’ll not only get the satisfaction of helping aspiring sugar babies but also at least $10.

Interested? Shoot us an email at Be sure to include details like:

Basic Info
Basic Info
Where abouts in the world are you?
How old are you?
What’s your lifestyle (i.e. student? mom?)?
Have you been sugaring for years?
Just gone on a few sugar dates?
What’s special about you as a sugar babe?
Any article ideas you’d be interested in exploring and writing about?

As such, there are so many things you can write about when it comes to your sugar journey. But just to get you started, here’s an idea of the range of topics (and article suggestions) you can use for ideas on what you want to write about!