How to Get A Sugar Daddy Without Giving Sugar?

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How to Get A Sugar Daddy Without Giving Sugar

How to Get A Sugar Daddy Without Giving Sugar?

Sugar daddy dating has been highly misunderstood and it is not just by the non-practitioners, but also by the active members. However, in reality, there are many sugar babies who earn thousands without giving sugar to the sugar daddies. One of the most contradictory issues in the sugar daddy dating is whether a sugar baby will be able to earn without giving sugar or having sex as part of the deal or not. In fact, things become awkward if both the partners keep mum about this because then it becomes difficult to know what is going on in another person’s mind.

One of the most important things is that often clear boundaries are not set as to what may or may not get into the relationship. When new sugar babies create their profiles, they forget or overlook to mention their limitations which they would not prefer crossing. The main reason is that they fear mentioning too many restrictions might push sugar daddies away and this is not completely wrong also. On the other hand, if you think that to have sex with the sugar daddy is necessary in the relationship, you are wrong.

Tips to Get Sugar Daddy Without Giving Sugar

Set your limitations

When you have decided to look for sugar daddy to get into such relationship, it is important you set your boundaries. Decide whether you want to keep it away completely or you want to have sex with sugar daddy of certain age or married. The decision is yours.

Mention in your profile

Setting boundaries is fine, but only when the sugar daddies searching for one knows about it, it is considered. Any sugar daddy who goes through your profile should have a clear idea whether you are up to giving sugar or not from the very beginning. Don’t fear that sugar daddies of your choice will not choose you. There are many sugar daddies who are looking for some quality time and they do not mean sex.

Enhance your skills

There is no doubt that sex is one of the most common service that sugar daddies expect from sugar babies when in relationship. Make sure you make up for this by adding your other qualities. For this you can search for the best tips on how to become perfect sugar baby.

Be prepared for temptations

It is possible that the sugar daddy might offer to pay 10 or 20 times the amount he has agreed to pay for your date. They are wealthy and for them that amount might be nominal. Perhaps they would earn even more before the date ends. But for you, the amount might be tempting. But if you have set your boundaries and prefer staying stuck to it, if you have set your goals right and you take it seriously, you will have to overcome that and ignore the offer.

Understand and play your role efficiently

Remember that your basic role is to relax your sugar daddy and distract him from his hectic schedule and work life. Do your best when you are playing this role. When on date, you can learn few things about him and find out his likes and dislikes which will be of great help for you. This might spice up your conversation and actually give both of you something to talk about.

Have a future plan

When ignoring the offer, it might make you feel that you are wasting the chance of your lifetime by not having sex with your sugar daddy. Remember, this is not the case. People often mistake infatuations for love. Also, keep in mind that the personal or contact information that you have of the sugar daddy may not work once the date is over. So, if you mess things up at that time, you might be part of the luck of that millionaire who is probably doing this for ages.

How to make more without offering sugar

There are many ways in which you can earn more from sugar daddy without involving in sex. The best way is to understand what the man expects from you and what he likes the most. One of the most common expectations of men under 50 would be sex. So, if you have chosen someone within this age limit, you will have to make things clear in the beginning. You will also have to make it clear whether you are ready for watching sex pics and videos with him or not.

Secondly, men like excitement. Excitement and fun can be in many ways and with the right amount of excitement you can even get your sugar daddy to forget about his wish for sex. Always remember that men like to be treated as kings of their own kind. By making him feel he has contributed something important for the society you can have his contemplation. Show him and make him feel that he is not alone. Don’t let him feel lonely. So, when he will be alone, he will understand how much satisfaction he gets in this non-sexual relationship.

Having sex with your sugar daddy is not illegal and no one is going to arrest you for that. It is more like a contract for which sugar daddy will pay you and if he wants, he can offer anything extra in cash or kind. Normally the contradiction arises in sugar dating arrangement that whether it is right or wrong. In reality, this dilemma has existed since the time this kind of relationship started. It completely depends on you and your moral codes and principles whether you wish to go for it or ignore it.

On the other hand, if any such thing happens, there is nothing to feel bad about it. If you feel it is right decision at that moment, others will not succeed proving it otherwise. Some of the sugar babies just accompany their sugar daddies in restaurants and parties, go with them on dinner dates, spend time with them because they are just looking for a company.

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