How to Get A Sugar Daddy to Spoil You?

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How to Get A Sugar Daddy to Spoil You?

How to Get A Sugar Daddy to Spoil You?

With plenty of online sugar daddy sites, finding a sugar daddy is not difficult. The most important part is that you should join a reputable site with large number of real and active members. If you are smart, intelligent and strategic, you will even find a good looking one. Almost every sugar baby enters into a sugar relationship on mutual benefit terms and the first thing they want is sugar. Now, this sugar can be in the form of money, gifts, luxuries or getting pampered.

Men, especially rich men, love to pamper their sugar babies. But making your sugar daddy pamper you may require some effort and hard work. Without stressing him out or appearing to be too demanding, you can get more than what you want or expected. The basic formula is to become valuable for your sugar daddy. As soon as he realises that you are the one, he wants often, he is going to shower gifts and pamper you a lot as well.

Remember, a happy and grateful sugar daddy is always a generous and pampering sugar daddy. It’s simple and at the same time difficult also. If you want yourself to be happy and have all your needs and wishes covered, you need to keep your sugar daddy happy and take care of him. In fact, this attitude is going to put you in a win-win position and you will also not need to take the complaining and pestering route. Here are the tips to help you get pampered by your sugar daddy.

  1. Take care of him 

Most of the sugar daddies are shrewd businessmen and that is one of the qualities which made them billionaires. Clever businessmen will not spend lot of money if they don’t feel it is worth spending. Fact is fact. He will spend lavishly on you only when he would feel that what he is receiving from you is of greater value than the money. Don’t assume that since you offer sex, he will be around you. Sex is cheap and one can get that easily.

What will make you special is when you will show that you are interested in the sugar daddy as a person. Being a sugar baby requires some hard work. Here, you simply need to pay attention to the man and his needs. Pay attention to everything when he talks and active listening will also help you find out a lot of things about him. You will understand what makes him tick, laugh, feel good and what are his interests, values and hobbies, the most important things in his life.

Once you know about your sugar daddy’s likes and fears along with wants and wishes, taking good care of him will be easy. You will be the girl who supports his interests and calms down his fears and anxieties. Once you are able to master these aspects, he will give anything to keep you happy and try to keep you with him as long as possible.

  1. Be the sugar baby he wants 

No sugar daddy will prefer having any kind of relationship with sugar babies who constantly stress them out with the drama of what is going on in their lives. Just keep in mind that you should be a supporting source in your sugar daddy’s life rather than being a source of stress. This becomes all the more important and valuable for them because most of them spend their days taking care of everything and everyone while neglecting their own needs and desires.

Since you are his sugar baby, position yourself as the soothing sensation in his stressful life. Make sure you become the refuge and relief in your sugar daddy’s usually busy and hectic life. Do not burden your sugar daddy with your problems. Instead share his emotional and mental load so that he feels your presence valuable. Remember, this is what he is not getting from anywhere else in his life. This is the sure shot way to keep your sugar daddy grateful and satisfied so that he spoils you for as long as he can.

  1. Surprise him with gifts 

You must be thinking that in any sugar arrangement sugar daddies are the ones who present gifts. But here the point is to make your sugar daddy pamper you for much longer than anyone expects. So, offer him gifts so that you keep on receiving regular and awesome gifts as long as you are with him. You don’t have to give him expensive gifts. Just offer simple, thoughtful presents because he will be flattered to receive those. Present something that would make his life easier or improves his life. This will make him feel that you care about him and you have been paying attention to his needs as well.

Think about a gift that your sugar daddy will use daily or if possible, many times in a day. Every time he sees or uses your gift, it will make him think about you and that too in happy and grateful manner. Show that he is special for you and you value the bond both of you share. You can also take help from the tips and gift ideas available from different sources especially if you are not sure what you would like to buy for him.

However, no matter what your gift is, the only fact that you bought a gift for him will make him feel happy. This will make him realize that you are not taking him as only a giver, but also appreciate him as a person. He will understand that you are not treating him as an ATM. This feeling alone will make him shower gifts and luxuries to pamper you. In fact, he will not even think about the amount of money he has to spend on you once he has your value in mind. Once this is established you will have gifts frequently and generously coming from him. So, you just need to keep increasing your sugar daddy’s gratitude and happiness towards you and he will continue pampering you far beyond your expectations.

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