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This page caters to those who are looking for a sugar daddy relationship in Montgomery or nearby areas: Millbrook, Coosada, Pike Road, Blue Ridge, Prattville, Elmore, Wetumpka, Deatsville, Pine Level, Holtville, Eclectic, Marbury, Mosses, Tallassee, Fort Deposit, Tuskegee, Union Springs, Clanton, Inverness, Greenville, Selmont-West Selmont, Valley Grande, Selma, Troy, Alexander City, Luverne.

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    • SDS
    • 08/13/2018

    Still Looking For a Pretty Sugar Baby in Montgomery

    About Me:

    50 • Male / Sugar Daddy, Montgomery, AL, US

    “Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.”?

    Truth be told, I’m probably not qualified to be on this site. I don’t drive a Ferrari, have a G5 at the airport or vacation in St. Moritz. If you are looking for sizable allowance, I’m not your guy.

    If you are still with me, the good news is that I am a single, smart, fun, imaginative, emotionally available and look good in a tuxedo. I have an Ivy MBA and have run an international software and design firm. But I have also had my share of setbacks and life lessons and have learned to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

    I admit to viewing the world with childlike wonder and curiosity. Think “Calvin and Hobbs”. I love connecting with new people, exploring new places, ideas and learning new things. I value aesthetics and enjoy art, music, poetry, dance and other forms of human expression.

    I am currently, a VP of marketing for a smaller company where I am rebuilding after my last start-up fizzled. I make a decent six figure income which means I can afford to take you out to nice restaurants, events and even great weekend getaways like San Francisco, Catalina Island, Tahoe and Vegas.

    Want to know more? Just ask me. I am an open book.

    About My Match:

    You are smart, intuitive, complex, deep, big-hearted, caring, playful, and have a passion for life. You love to laugh and enjoy life’s simple pleasures whether it be sharing a cup of coffee, visiting a farmers market, picking wild Blackberries or a pillow fight.

    You want a man who is strong and emotionally secure, who listens and treasures your independent, perhaps fiery spirit. You want a man who has a sense of style and who is as comfortable in sweater and jeans as a Tuxedo. You want a man you can respect and always has your interests at heart.

    You are a woman who appreciates intelligent conversation more than almost anything. You understand that good repartee has a natural ebb and flow and exchange and that it can be magical, sexy and more sensuous than dancing. You desire a playful heart/mind connection. You really like being the woman and appreciate being touched in a loving way.

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