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This page caters to those who are looking for a sugar daddy relationship in Seattle or nearby areas: Mountain Brook, Homewood, Tarrant, Vestavia Hills, Cahaba Heights, Irondale, Fultondale, Fairfield, Forestdale, Midfield, Minor, Hoover, Gardendale, Pleasant Grove, Lipscomb, Lake Purdy, Brookside, Brighton, Adamsville, Meadowbrook, Center Point, Indian Springs Village, Mount Olive, Sylvan Springs, Graysville, Hueytown.

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    • SDS
    • 08/08/2018

    Still Looking For a Pretty Sugar Baby in Birmingham

    About Me:

    47 • Male / Sugar Daddy, Birmingham, AL, US

    I am looking for a connection, not necessarily just physical, but spiritual and emotional. So I love to connect through talking, letters and text, touching and other physical contact. I’m very honest, enjoy honesty in others, and don’t play games. I’m very active and ambitious in both my work and my play. I am willing to try just about anything. I especially like the outdoors, hiking, biking, dancing, and adventurous travel. I am tender, loving, and know how to treat a lady, yet strong and masculine. I also consider myself creative, passionate, and well-educated. I travel a lot and therefore am not available regularly. I am very forthcoming. I can be as discreet as you want me to be.

    About My Match:

    I’m looking for someone who wants a connection with a man who can provide emotional as well as financial support. Someone who wants to be valued, listened to, and loved for who she is. Preferably a fun, adventurous, and creative woman. She must want to be romanced in various ways ranging from an afternoon picnic to a candlelight dinner to a weekend in Las Vegas. A warm personality and honesty can be just as sexy and important as looks. She must take care of herself yet enjoy being pampered and adored.

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